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Resident Evil 16-bit in Development for the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis

Resident Evil, the game that defined the survival horror genre on the Sony PlayStation, is seeking to expand its legacy back to the 16-bit era. The website has released a demo of Resident Evil 16-bit for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. No storyline details are given, but based on screenshots and the demo, it appears that Claire Redfield will play a significant role in the game.

The demo is very short but it does show several key concepts of gameplay such as a 16-bit rendering of the iconic RE inventory screen and a third-person isometric view. The level shown seems to take place in a zombie infested hotel based on the long corridors, a grand staircase leading from a large lobby, and a bloody scrawling of “RedRum” on a bathroom wall in an apparent reference to The Shining.

The game is obviously still in the very early stages of development but the team at PSCD are committed to its completion. Let’s hope they see it through. In the meantime, check out Resident Evil Gaiden on the Game Boy Color for some pixelated zombie killing action.

Brandon Weicks

Brandon is a writer, tech guy, game collector, and sucks at video games. He still holds hope that Sega will release a new console and believes Nintendo peaked with the Super Gameboy. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys playing in his ManCade, listening to funk, and going game hunting on his Bonnie. If you would like to contribute towards my literary ambition, please use this link

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2 Responses to “Resident Evil 16-bit in Development for the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis”

  1. thor says:

    Nice! They should release Resident Evil 4 for PS1 now:-)

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