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Battletoads Receives Four Player Co-op Hack

Battletoads NES

Battletoads will probably go down in history as one of the toughest games ever released. I mean, released in the sense that it was a commercial game, not some hacker trying to be a jerk. The classic Rare game has recently seen a four-player co-op hack released by fans. There are some limitations here but for the most part, this is what the box says – a four-player co-op mode.

Battletoads was originally one of those releases for the NES that kids discussed on the playground and were often called liars. I mean, how can there really be a game where you play mutant toads named after skin conditions and their feet and fists expand to comedic proportions when attacking enemies? This was just too much. What was funny is Battletoads was that and so much more. Fans ate it up at every opportunity.

Now some of those very fans have created a four-player co-op hack for Battletoads that does just what it says it does. This hack adds two more toads to the screen to make this game a four-player simultaneous battle. The action gets even more hectic with the additional two toads on screen. This has its own share of problems though.

First, the Nintendo Entertainment System simply cannot keep up with all the action so there is more slowdown and flicker in this four-player hack. That is to be expected here. We are talking about an 8-bit console that is being pushed further than intended, even by the original game’s standard.

Next, there is a problem with one of the toads changing colors between levels. This is thought to be because of the color limitations of the NES (both total available colors and available colors on screen at once). No biggie, just one player may end up with a pink, yellow, or red toad.

Lastly, there is no word on this working on actual hardware. If anyone has the capabilities to play this hack on actual hardware, we would love to know if it works or not. Even better if you have access to a Four Score or NES Satellite to test the four-player mode.

Head over to to grab this four-player Battletoads hack.

Carl Williams

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