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Life on Mars PC Remake Released on Steam

Life on Mars, a PC remake of an MSX2 game, has been officially released on Steam by Kai Magazine. The old-school Metroidvania style game is now available to buy four days ahead of its original release date. The game promises to offer the same gaming experience of those classic games and more…

Life on Mars is very much steeped in retro style territory, from its visuals, gameplay, and feel. Anyone who is familiar with the Metroid or Turrican games, or even the original MSX2 version that was originally released in 2015, will know what to expect with Life on Mars: plenty of action, platforms, and exploration. Mix in some RPG elements against the backdrop of an intriguing science fiction story and we have a fascinating gaming experience.

Influenced by classic sci-fi films of the 80s and 90s, the game’s plot involves a space scientific colony on Mars, of which Earth has lost contact with. The player’s task is to go to the red planet, restore contact with the colony, and find out exactly what went wrong — classic sci-fi setting. According to the game’s Steam page, Life on Mars features four difficulty levels, weapons upgrades, shield/energy improvements, weapon workshops, non-linear level design, and explosions.

For more information and pricing details in your territory, visit the Life on Mars Steam Store page.

Source: RetroManiac Magazine

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An avid retrogamer who has worked on various projects, magazines, and fanzines. He started his videogaming journey with the Amstrad CPC464 computer before moving onto a Commodore 64, then the Sega Mega Drive, followed by a multitude of PCs.

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