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The Supa RetroN HD SNES Clone is Revealed

With the frenzy for the upcoming SNES Classic from Nintendo themselves, Hyperkin are not wanting to miss out on this opportunity to release their own suped up SNES clone. The Supa RetroN HD promises to deliver what the SNES Classic will and more…

Announced on Hyperkin’s Chris Gallizzi’s Twitter account, the Supa RetroN HD console will boast hardware emulation (not software emulation). Video output will be available in both 720p HDMI and composite AV, with the option of switching between 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. But most importantly, the RetroN HD will come with its own multi-region cartridge slot, meaning that gamers will be able to play their own physical copies of SNES classic no matter what region they are. The Supa RetroN HD will come with two controller ports and one Hyperkin redesigned controller pad — influenced by the design of the classic SNES pad.

While Hyperkin already have a multi-format unit that plays SNES games (the RetroN 5), it is priced quite high at $160, so with the release of a dedicated SNES unit, production costs will be reduced, meaning a cheaper price for consumers. And with the likelihood of the SNES Classic being a limited run and selling out before anyone sees it in stores, the Supa RetroN HD may just be the more realistic option for gamers.

It’s still early days yet, so no price or release date has been given, but if we were to take a guess, we would say around the $40 mark (similar to the RetroN 1 HD for NES games) and a release date of September 2017 (around the same time as Nintendo’s SNES Classic).

Source: Nintendo Life

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