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MSX Receives Ghost, a 2D Side Scrolling Action Adventure, Beta

Ghost for MSX Computer

The MSX gaming computer never made a significant impact in North America but over in Japan, it had quite a following. Enough support that Microsoft released a follow up computer called the MSX2, and a few other variations. Interesting that the MSX ran an extended version of Microsoft BASIC and yet still, developers were able to squeeze out some great games on this platform (I got a ball on screen once using MS BASIC). Maybe this accessibility is why so many homebrew independent developers focus on the MSX computers. One new game I just learned about is Ghost, a 2D side scrolling action adventure with some sprawling levels.

Ghost is no Metroid killer but it is certainly appearing to shape up rather nicely. The animation on your character and the enemies is quite well done – though there is no ladder climbing animation which is kind of weird.

You are tasked with finding, and destroying, the central computer system of a space station known as “Dallas”. No word on if it has gone rogue or simply is not accepting the Windows 10 upgrade. No matter, standing between you and this central computer system is a whole lot of upset robotic entities that are not afraid to view you as the enemy. Also, there are tons of rooms to traverse and get lost in. Along your way there are shops that are quite willing to sell you items that you may find helpful throughout your quest. Coupled with the items you can find by shooting the crates in the levels just might allow you to complete your task. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

Ghost is quite similar to classics such as Metroid except the levels are not scrolling, they are single screen affairs. While not a deal breaker, it is somewhat jarring watching when you have become accustomed to playing more modern games.

Source: Youtube via Homebrew Heroes Facebook

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  1. Matthew says:

    This looks rather good!

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