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Switchblade Comes to Atari Jaguar

Switchblade Atari Jaguar

Raise your hand if you remember Switchblade. For me, I remember an Atari Lynx game using this name maybe with a “II” after it other than that, this is a new game to me. I understand that this was originally a Commodore Amiga game which is a shame because the only Commodore computer I gamed on was the Commodore 64. I completely missed out on this game. Thanks to Piko Interactive Atari Jaguar fans will get a chance to enjoy Switchblade.

The story behind Switchblade involves a sacred symbol being broken into 16 pieces by the evil Havoc. You play as Hiro who has been tasked with retrieving all 16 pieces and restoring the pride of your people. They are not saying there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders, just a lot of pride and people depending on you – the usual for a video game.

Switchblade Atari Jaguar

The levels in Switchblade are sprawling affairs that will take a bit of paying attention to figure out where to go next. Enemies are waiting on every screen so be prepared to fight at a moment’s notice. There is a power meter for your attacks, just hold down the attack button to charge. Of course, the more power behind your attack the fewer hits required to dispatch an enemy. The problem with this is, your powerful attacks take time to charge so you must use a bit of planning and cunning to take out a lot of the bigger enemies.

Originally developed by Core Design (the studio behind the early Tomb Raider games), Switchblade was released on the Commodore Amiga in the late 80’s. Piko Interactive acquired the rights to the game, ported it to the Atari Jaguar and even had original box art created by original creator of Switchblade, Simon Phipps.

Switchblade for the Atari Jaguar is currently in pre-order with copies going out in a few weeks. This means, fans put your money where your mouth is. You want more Atari Jaguar games? Support companies like Piko Interactive that are bringing you the games. Seriously.

Pre-order Switchblade on the Piko website.


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