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Humans Collection Now Available on

The Humans Bundle

The Humans, a puzzle series that was like Lemmings, is finally available on All three games in the series in one package for one price. Piko Interactive went out, got the rights and released these games as a collection.

Humans 1 is the introduction game to this series, which also appeared on the Super Nintendo (grab a PAL copy on eBay). In this game, things are squarely in the prehistoric age as you are trying to simply outlast Darwinism.

Humans 2: The Jurassic Levels advances the abilities of the little ugly miscreants, just a little, so that they can take on bigger and badder puzzles. Discover fire, use weapons, deodorant and more.

Humans 3: Evolution – Lost in Time is the third (duh) and final game in the series. Unfortunately, this time aliens (more American Dad than Riddley Scott) have plucked up seven of Earth’s greatest historical figures. Your goal is to get them back to their proper time. Complicating matters is the fact that the time machine is broken into six pieces and you must collect them.

All the Humans games make use of characters that just go about their little day within each level. Where you come in is in clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen empowering characters with whatever items or powers from that icon. This could be giving them a weapon, a wheel to use, etc. within the level.

Puzzle fans will want to grab this set of three games. The Humans Bundle will set you back less than the cost of a McDonald’s combo meal but will be with you a lot longer (and give you more bang for your buck).

The question is, which action puzzle game is your favorite from years past? Me personally, I missed the whole Lemmings craze – I was too into turn based strategy games during this period.

The Humans Bundle is available now on

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