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Sword of Iffrit New Atari 2600 Game in Beta

Sword of Iffrit

New Atari 2600 games seem to be falling out of the sky. Most of them are mock-ups only featuring no gameplay and certainly not running on actual hardware (old school limitations suck). One rather interesting new game that is currently in beta that caught my attention is Sword of Iffrit. This appears to be an action adventure game with some light role-playing elements and it is for the Atari 2600 console.

The controls for Sword of Iffrit are simple. Eight-way movement, the fire button fires your weapon and reset on the console takes you back to the title screen. Simple sometimes is better than over complicating the situation.

Your quest in Sword of Iffrit is to deliver the Sword of Surtr to Odin in Valhalla. Much like any role-playing game, you start Sword of Iffrit with just a lowly weapon (sword or bow, your choice) and a seemingly unsurmountable challenge ahead of you.

Sword of Iffrit

I know the guys over at the forums are waiting to tear this article apart. Hey guys!

Fans of the Atari 2600 have had plenty of games to choose from in recent years, seemingly more get released every year. So far, Sword of Iffrit is looking cool to me. It is an actual game running within the Atari 2600 limitations, unlike the plethora of mock-ups we see shown on social media every week.

Sword of Iffrit is being programmed using Batari BASIC interpreter for the Atari 2600. Batari BASIC allows programmers not familiar with Assembly or C++ to program new games for the Atari 2600 console – increasing the number of new games we will see. This is also why we are seeing a lot of mock-ups, those programmers are creating a single screen using Batari BASIC or some other program then releasing it hoping for people to get excited. I am glad to see something like Sword of Iffrit actually being made within the limitations of the console, and running. Fans should check it out.

Source: AtariAge forums

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