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New Kickstarter for Noah’s Ark on Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis

Noah's Ark NES

We don’t cover a lot of Kickstarter news here on RGM for a reason. I don’t speak for everyone writing for RGM but me personally, I am a fan of Wisdom Tree. They announce new games then finish and release them. Amazing concept but so many in the retro gaming world need to learn that trick themselves. One such announcement is Noah’s Ark coming to the NES and Super 3D Noah’s Ark coming to the Sega Genesis. Since this Kickstarter started some interesting additions have been added.

First up, Noah’s Ark for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is a run and gun style game that was developed by Source and published by Konami (according to the Kickstarter this was only in Europe). The story for Noah’s Ark is detailed on the Kickstarter page suffice to say, it is a biblical one (duh). What is interesting is that there will only be 175 specially numbered copies made. Get them in this Kickstarter or forever be stuck scouring Ebay for a deal (best of luck there).

Next up is Super 3D Noah’s Ark for the Sega Genesis.  This is a title that was a stretch goal for a previous, successful, Wisdom Tree Kickstarter I covered – The Arkade plug and play. The team at Wisdom Tree were not discouraged by this coming up short on funds and slowly began updating the game themselves. What is left is polishing the wooden planks of the Ark and then putting this bad boy into production. Again, 175 specially numbered editions will be released – miss out and it is like missing the Ark – you will probably drown in Ebay expenditures securing your copy.

Finally, we have the Game Boy Advance Wisdom Tree Video Game Collection. This set features the following games:

Sunday Funday
Bible Adventures
Bible Buffet
Spiritual Warfare
King of Kings

Again, 175 specially numbered copies. What is interesting here is that the breakdown of copies is slightly different. 25 copies for Canonized backers, 50 for Early Bird backers (#26 through #75) and finally 100 numbered copies (#76 to #175) for the rest of the Kickstarter backers.

All carts will be region free and will come with a full color box and instruction booklet (just like the old days).

Stretch goals for this Kickstarter are:

$37,500 Scarabeus – an unreleased NES puzzle game featuring 15,000 possible rooms. The only thing left to complete this one is finishing the music and implementing color graphics. If goal is met, backers will be able to add this on at a special backer only price.

$65,000 Super 3D Noah’s Ark for Sega Dreamcast – This will be a completely redone game from the ground up (no using an emulator) which will utilize a lot of the power of the Sega Dreamcast. If goal is reached, backers will be able to add this at a special Kickstarter only price.

Source: Kickstarter

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