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Unholy Night, New Super Nintendo Fighter, Available Now on Amazon

Unholy Night SNES Fighting Game

Previously we discussed Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter, and now we can bring you news that it is available on Amazon. The first thing I can tell you about this news is that Unholy Night is unlike most retro releases we see. The publisher is not using artificial scarcity to drive sales for instance. Also, this is a 100% brand new game developed by industry veterans, former SNK staff members.

Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter features four game modes – story, versus, survival, and practice. Fans can expect 32 megs of memory here powering the one on one fighting (did I mention it was developed by former SNK staffers?). Apparently, the staff members were not the ones responsible for Mutation Nation, Sengoku, Ninja Combat, etc.

The story behind Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter revolves around things that go bump in the night. The playable characters are members of a group that hunts creatures such as werewolves, vampires, and more. This is probably not the safest job one could take up but someone has to do it, so why not a girl in an outfit that resembles a French maid?

Each fighter reportedly has eight special moves as well as super moves that use a three-level power meter. Taking a cue from older arcade games, such as The Art of Fighting, when your energy is low you can perform moves that are commonly referred to as “desperation” moves. Last ditch attacks so to speak.

According to the Amazon product page, Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter was developed by former SNK staff that worked on such classics as Samurai Shodown and The King of Fighters series. That is quite a pedigree for a developer as those games are often remembered with fondness by fans.

Head over to Amazon to grab your copy of Unholy Night for the Super Nintendo. It is about $50 plus shipping which is cool that they are not trying to rip off gamers with price (most “homebrew” and “indie” games will easily run another $20+). If you prefer Ebay we have you covered there too.

Carl Williams

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