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Mega Maker, Answer to Mario Maker, Releases This Week

Mega Maker

Nintendo hit a good vibe with fans when they released Mario Maker. It was goodwill and fun for everyone involved. Now a fan of Mega Man has taken it upon himself to make a similar program for Mega Man. This is why I love indie developers. They push the envelope in ways that mainstream developers either don’t see or don’t care about.

Capcom is historically iffy on shutting down fan projects. They have done it but not to the extent that Nintendo or Sega have for instance. It will be interesting to see if Mega Maker can be released before the Cease and Desist letter hits. Also, if a C&D is given, would it shut down the in app on line option to download new levels?

For now, let’s discuss the good. Mega Maker is a point and click level creator. Want an enemy in a certain place? Click around and make it happen. Easy. I wonder how long before we have the “hardest” levels appearing on the on line download store? Probably day one as it is obviously easier to make an impossible level than it is to make a well thought out, well progressing, level that fans will remember for years. Yeah, I am calling out the lazy level creators that just go for stupid hard by placing unsurmountable enemies one after the other over pits and other deadly level hazards. Do something original and challenging – make a memorable level instead. The fans will thank you for it.

Coming on July 15th, Mega Maker will feature assets from all six Mega Man games (enemies, tile sets, weapons, etc). Mega Maker will be available (if Capcom doesn’t shut it down) for PC and will also feature an in game online mode to download new user created levels (and upload your own).

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