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Nintendo Removes Gaming Staple from Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has pushed the envelope with Mario over the years. They did this many times – such as using the character in other genres from what gamers knew him for. From racing in Mario Kart to being a physician in Dr. Mario, the iconic character has pushed boundaries in many genres, not just action adventure. The upcoming Super Mario Odyssey is going to push another boundary, one that is kind of weird.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey will not feature a game over screen. You will have unlimited lives when playing – though I am sure they will be used in a slightly different manner than in Brain Dead 13.

There have not been many games that have offered unlimited lives. Why would they? That is kind of how the challenge curve is graded. As levels get harder, you die more often, eventually having to start over and hone your skills more to see even harder levels. It is a way of life for us gamers. Removing the fear of death is just wrong on so many levels.

That is the thing, they are not removing the fear of death in Super Mario Odyssey. Just the limited lives mechanic that has been a staple of gaming since the beginning. There will still be death, oh yes there will be. The way deaths are handled in Super Mario Odyssey is kind of a new thing, unless you consider Sega’s, similar, approach in the Sonic series.

Whenever you trigger a “death” moment in Super Mario Odyssey, you will simply lose 10 coins. Anyone that has not played a Super Mario game should freshen up a bit here. Coins are integral to the Mario franchise, they are not only points but also gathering 100 of them gives you an extra life. Oh, wait, that will probably be removed from Super Mario Odyssey as well.

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