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Top Classic PC Games you can Play for Free

If you’re tired of paying for games then we have just the listicle for you. In this article we’ll be telling you all about the classic PC games that you can get playing without spending any money.

Command and Conquer Games

We love strategy games and there are few games as influential as Command and Conquer. These games were instrumental in defining the strategy genre as a whole and they’ve continued to be some of the best in the genre to date. A few of the games in the series can be played for free and you don’t need to have a specialised rig to do so.

Red Alert and Tiberium Sun are both retro games that are available online to play without paying, so be sure to look into them. Both of these will place you smack in the middle of a conflict and you must find out the best ways to succeed. This is a highly addictive game and you will find that the time flies by when you play.

World of Warcraft

This MMORPG is one of the most popular in the world and you don’t need to spend any money to start playing it. If you want to add in more cash into the game then you can get special mounts, access to new area and other features but it’s not mandatory.

This hit game has inspired movies, comics, songs and more. If you want to be a part of the phenomenon then you can download and play it. It’s a large game though, so you’ll want to have a speedy internet connection or you may be waiting a while.


This game might seem a bit old fashioned but there are lots of new versions of bingo that will really challenge you. These can be speed bingo, bingo hybrids and even exclusive versions of the game that can only be found on one site. New bingo sites are among the ones that will usually have the latest versions of the game. Other bingo sites can also have games like slots and casino games, which you can generally at least try out for free.


This is a first person shooter franchise of games, with all of them free to play. You can find it for free in the Steam Store and it has been remastered to make it look better than ever. It’s a futuristic shooter that has you scouting out for your rivals to dish out some justice.

The games are boosted with some fun power ups and with the right group of players, you can while away the hours with this game. As one of the earlier games in this genre, you can play the original game if you want to see where it all began. Then you can play through the catalogue and enjoy the whole series to see if they’re deserving of their glowing reviews.

If you’re interested in trying out these retro games then what are you waiting for? They’re all available for free in one form or another, so get out there and get playing.

Carl Williams

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