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Mazinger Z: Death Match Short Film by Daniele Spadoni

Okay, I must admit, I am a huge fan of giant robot anime. From Robotech to Transformers – if it had giant robots in it, I was probably plopped down in front of the television to watch it. This was my childhood, shoot it is sometimes my Saturday mornings as an adult. I never outgrew giant robot cartoons. That is why it is weird to me that I have never heard of Mazinger Z. My friend Daniele Spadoni recently made available a short film based on Mazinger Z and he sent me a link to his film recently. If you are familiar with Daniele’s work, then you know this is going to be quality, and it is. Video embed after the jump.

I won’t ruin the short film for you. That is not the point of my writing these articles. Rather I want to give you reason to check it out. If you are sick of Michael Bay interpretations of classic cartoons then definitely check out Daniele’s take on a different giant robot classic. Daniele has proven in the past to have a seriously firm touch on the source material with these short films he creates. I covered Maniac Mansion, Another World, Body Blows, Lupin the Third and UFO Robot in the past. I even got to do some voice over work on Maniac Mansion which was fun.

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