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Nintendo’s Retro Casino Games

Did you know that Nintendo originated as a Japanese playing card company dating back to 1889?
With a rich and interesting history, it wasn’t until 1963 that they started manufacturing games in addition to playing cards. In 1980, the company created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America, Inc. in New York. Nintendo then started to sell the Game & Watch product line in Japan; it was the first portable LCD video game with its own microprocessor, a huge step at the time. Of course, we can’t forget the game Donkey Kong, created by Nintendo artist and video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Also, in 1985, an 8-bit video game console was launched, the best-selling system of its time.

The history of Nintendo is extremely vast and includes the manufacturing of coin-operated video games, home video game consoles, also known as the “family computer,” twin-screen, interactive, coin-operated video games (VS system), hands-free controllers, the oh so famous Game Boy and Game Boy Color, the introduction of the Super FX chip in April of 1993, Nintendo 64, Pokémon game, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Sega, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Wii and Wii Fit, Nintendo 3DS, Amiibo, Nintendo Switch, and so much more in-between.

Let’s journey back to 1992 when the unofficial Nintendo Entertainment System video game blackjack was not-so-widely released. The game featured blackjack action and a dealer who deals 1-3 card decks. After winning a certain amount of money, or losing so much for that matter, the game would automatically end. Many other casino games were developed around the same time for both the Nintendo consoles as well as the DS such as Sega Casino, Casino Kid, Vegas Dream, and Golden Nugget Casino. These games gave the user the ultimate casino and card playing experience. As the games and consoles evolved, the games became more lifelike, making the user feel like they were really a part of the action on the strip in Vegas.

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More recently (during the last 10 years), classic card games and games like Texas Hold’Em poker, Vegas Stakes, and 1st Class Poker & Blackjack have been developed to give further options to card enthusiasts. It’s games like these that open up gaming to new players. There are many people that don’t really know how to use or are simply intimidated by video games, but they do know card games, which makes this one more way for them to tap into their hobby.

With a history of playing cards, it was only natural for Nintendo to develop casino card games for their consoles and mobile play. Casino games themselves have been around since the 19th century and no matter where they are, on a console, online, or in a casino, the original card games remain the same.

Nintendo is a company that keeps reinventing itself in order to serve the public and gaming community. Most recently, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid video game home console, portable enough to take with you anywhere on March 3, 2017, and this summer they will be launching a new Nintendo 2DS XL portable system as well. With so much to offer, Nintendo is likely to keep attracting new and excited casino gamers to both the classic and new games of skill.

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