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Myths and Dragons Coming to MSX 2 Gaming Computer

Myths and dragons msx 2 comptuer

Who likes beat em ups like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, or Rival Turf? How about the more fantasy based ones like Knights of the Round or Warriors of Fate? Well, you are in for some fun come the end of July then because Myths and Dragons will be available then. You just have to dust off your MSX 2 computer, or emulator of your choice, and enjoy.

Kai Magazine Software is putting the finishing touches on Myths and Dragons as I write this. Just under two months to go before it is available to the public, not much longer. The cool thing is, this one is a two-player simultaneous release (unlike Capcom’s first Final Fight game on the Super Nintendo).

Players gain experience, collect money, and defeat the bad guys in scrolling stages. There appears to be a decent amount of parallax scrolling here, something most brawlers often leave out. Also, the enemies shown in the video reel above are varied – not too much simple color swapping going on here. That is another good thing.

Expect to get a lot of play time with Myths and Dragons if you buy it. Yep, I said buy it. The levels will be replayable so you can revisit them to get more experience and more money to power up your characters accordingly. I can see how some light role-playing elements could work in a brawler, it won’t be bad.

I mentioned already that Kai Magazine Software is charging for Myths and Dragons. Now I am asking our readers, if you plan on playing this game, please do it legally. Please support the developers making games you want to see – they just might make more of them.

Head over to Facebook to check out the pre-order situation (including prices for physical and digital versions).

Carl Williams

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