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Why Cave Story+ on Nintendo Switch Will Fail

Cave Story+ Nintendo Switch

Ah, good old Cave Story. A title that gamers have been enjoying on various platforms for years now. We have seen this game released on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, PC platforms and then a myriad of fan ports to Linuz, AmigaOS 4, the TI graphing calculator, Genesis and PSP among many others. The point is, I don’t think this is going to be a system seller for Nintendo, even with the “+” additions included in the Nintendo Switch version. What is sad is most of those new add-ins are old hat too for the series. Gamers have seen this before.

Cave Story+ will feature 15 levels, 10 weapons and 7 gameplay modes. Guess what, most of that was in the WiiWare version of Cave Story from 2011. The graphics are expected to be upgraded also.

The file size is around 137 MB for those wondering. Fans can expect physical and digital download versions.

The problem is, Cave Story+ will probably not sell well and Nicalis will probably call it quits on the Nintendo Switch, citing poor sales. Well, if you are giving fans a game that is going on seven years old then what do you expect?

My apologies for seeming “down” on Cave Story+, I am a fan of the game, I have played it on PSP, PC, Sega Genesis and Sega Dreamcast. I know, those are not official ports for the most part. Still, they are often genuine to the original.

We have seen Capcom mention their future plans on the Nintendo Switch depend on the success of Ultra Street Fighter II. That is asinine. Fans have bought that series many times over the decades, poor sales of a game that is 25+ years old and released on just about every platform possible is a poor tactic. It is a B.S. tactic to point the finger of blame at fans instead of yourself for not wanting to support a platform.

Give Switch owners original games and maybe they will support you back with sales and profits. Cave Story is a quality game and there is a good chance a lot of Switch owners have not played it, unlike a rehash of Street Fighter II.

Carl Williams

It is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper sources and not fanboys giving free advertising. If you wish to support writers like Carl please use the links below.

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2 Responses to “Why Cave Story+ on Nintendo Switch Will Fail”

  1. name says:

    You sound exactly like those people who said “the switch will fail”

    • So you enjoy re-buying the same game multiple times across multiple platforms as long as it has MINIMAL changes made? By all means, please continue supporting this trend as it is not just a Nintendo Switch problem – it is just more pronounced on Nintendo’s latest platform.

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