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Sega to Focus on Reviving Major IPs

Based on its Road to 2020 investor plan, Sega is planning to promote global development by shifting its focus to be more IP-centric. The most tantalizing part of an otherwise mundane PowerPoint is where Sega plans a “Revival of past IPs and active utilization of external IPs”.

Sadly, it doesn’t hint at the possible release of a new console or reissue of a Genesis Classic Edition a la Nintendo, but this fanboy can still dream. Which IPs Sega plans to bring back from the dead remains to be seen, but my thumbs itch at the thought of playing a new version of Golden Axe, Shinobi, or even Comix Zone.

Which retro title would you like to see come back from the dead? Leave your comments below

Brandon Weicks

Brandon is a writer, tech guy, game collector, and sucks at video games. He still holds hope that Sega will release a new console and believes Nintendo peaked with the Super Gameboy. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys playing in his ManCade, listening to funk, and going game hunting on his Bonnie. If you would like to contribute towards my literary ambition, please use this link

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3 Responses to “Sega to Focus on Reviving Major IPs”

  1. CaptainBuck says:

    I’d love to see Kid Chameleon get a high quality update. A very coooool Mario 3 style game with varied mechanics but it had uneven graphics styles which made it quite a bit odd.

    Crazy Taxi needs a real sequel.
    Golden Axe… just bring me a port of the last GA Arcade game which used 2 screens, make it work on widescreen maybe in cinemascope like 1886 The Order did and that’d be okay, or, just make it for one wide screen…

    The new Daytona USA racer needs to come home.
    Outrun could use a new iteration.
    Alex Kidd would make a nice addition in side scrolling 2.5 D.
    Wonder Boy has new inspired versions, so, that’s okay already.
    Space Harrier could be updated to something like Tribes on PC, or, just make it the 3D Shooter it was in amazing 3D.

    Phantasy Star not Online would be great, every game doesn’t have to be online! Tired of online.
    Shining RPG series…
    Shinobi series is a must, preferably based on Shinobi 3 and Revenge of Shinobi, and the amazing Saturn Shinobi game.

    Alien Syndrome …
    Alien Storm…
    Fantasy Zone…
    and Zaxxon ofcourse!

    • bweicks says:

      Great list! I believe the new Wonder Boy remaster has kicked up the bar when it comes to 2.5d games. It found the perfect device to converge old and new gameplay with being able to toggle between 2.5d graphics and the classic 8-bit. I hope to see more games use it to bring games back to the future.

  2. Michael Crisman says:

    Golden Axe has needed a rehash/reboot/kick in the butt for a long time now. “Beast Rider” cannot possibly be the swan song Sega wanted for the franchise.

    Streets of Rage has also been sitting around doing nothing for far too long. Anything that doesn’t turn out like “Final Fight Streetwise” is fine in my book.

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