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The Grumpy Git: Has the Gaming Industry Got Any Ideas Left?

Zelda Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch

Okay people, if you don’t know who I am, I’m the Grumpy Git, it is Monday, and I have decided it is time to look at the world from a more jaded angle. Feel free to disagree with me vehemently in the comments. Okay, on to today’s topic… “Has the gaming industry got any ideas left?”

Let’s start with Nintendo who seem to be milking the same tired old properties for everything that they are worth. If it’s not Zelda something, it’s Mario something. If it’s neither of them, it’s a Kirby or Metroid title. To be honest, I was quite amazed when they announced Splatoon for the Wii U; it was the first original games from them in many console generations. I’m sure now there will be a Nintendo Switch update and then the 3DS port and much more.

Look, I get that such properties are high profit turning; just look at the sales of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is rumoured to have sold more copies for the Switch than actual Nintendo Switch machines out there. I also get that there are only so many games you can actually make, but it seems nobody is willing to take risks with a potentially different idea and they just keep churning out similar products.

Paper Mario was at least slightly different. Sure it was an RPG, but that was better than the cookie cutter Mario platformers we keep getting. Nintendo had to get Square Enix to help them with that though. Talking of Square Enix, there are over 80 games in the Final Fantasy series if you include the trash on mobiles. Sure, a lot of that is console ports, but come on Square Enix maybe it’s time to look at your other properties. Chrono Trigger, for example, is long overdue a decent sequel.

Team 17 used to have a large catalogue of games, however, they now seem to rest on their laurels with the Worms games. How many of them have we seen churned out? What about some of the previous titles? Okay, we saw Superfrog HD–ironic that is one of the worst games to be updated.

Ironic, considering Worms was not originally one of their titles. Andy Davidson hijacked one of their Amigas at a trade show with his unpublished game on the machine supposed to show Ultimate Body Blows, I believe. It caused a storm and Team 17 hired him.

Battlefield and Call of Duty games have gone on longer than most wars in history, and they show no sign of letting up. As for EA Sports games, don’t get me started on them. Maybe that will be a rant in the future.

Sony seems to be the one who will break with tradition sometimes and have things like Rez or Flower, but even they have had their fair share of repetition. Uncharted comes to mind, but at least they are willing to admit it is coming to the end of its franchise.

Then there is Ubisoft who will try to get everything out of Assassins Creed–anything with Tom Clancy’s name on it. Tom must be spinning in his grave like a top–it’s tragic.

Maybe I’m getting old, and sick of seeing that the latest E3 conferences are just another set of sequels of well-known properties being revamped, tarted up, and re-shoved on shelves with an extra number attached. There are loads more companies guilty of this crime and I am sure many will inform me of them in the comments. For now that will about cover it for now. Grumpy Git out…


When not trying to run old machines to their limits, I occasionally write articles. As a man who has spent too long around retro machines, I have managed to play or try virtually every retro machine out there. Also quite a miserable sod who is known for strong opinions.

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