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Soulless 2 in Development for Commodore 64

Soulless 2 Commodore 64

Fans of 2D side scrolling action adventures need to check out Soulless (we covered it in the first issue of our mag). Soulless 2 is currently in development and looking interesting. The action is methodical and will require some thinking to get through to new scenes. Soulless is like the Metroid series: you won’t get far simply by blasting your way around. You will need to use your noggin from time to time.

Soulless 2 is a slight departure from the first game which focuses more on adventure elements than action (though there was plenty). This time around there will be more areas to explore, including temples, forests, and other dark dingy places to stomp around.

As already mentioned, Soulless 2 is in development; all we have at the moment is the above YouTube video. Frankly, for a Commodore 64, Soulless 2 is looking impressive already.

What gets me is how much animation independent developers are getting out of this little computer. I don’t remember this much animation in commercial releases back in the day. Check out the gun upgrade and the puffs of smoke it leaves when hitting stuff. Sure, nothing compared to what you see on PlayStation 4, but come on, this is a computer that is over 30 years old now.

Backgrounds in Soulless 2 have water rippling, enemy eyes blinking at you as you pass, and in other scenes there are shaded bricks to break up the black. All around the graphics in Soulless 2 are impressive for a Commodore 64 game, better than most Nintendo Entertainment System games if you discount anything using expansion chips such as the MMC line.

Soulless 2 and Sam’s Journey give me renewed hope for the Commodore 64 computer. We need to see more releases like this. You know what that means, right? We, as gamers as fans, need to support these releases and maybe we will get more of them in the future.

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