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Square Enix Does Cool Thing for Nintendo Wii Owners, at Least Those That Own a Certain Game

Dragon Quest X Wii Cover

Square Enix, a company that catches a lot of flak from gamers; when things get heated they are on par with Ubi Soft’s level of heat. I am not sure they are trying to turn that public image around with this announcement or not, but it is still cool. If you own Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo Wii then you are about to be out of luck if you plan on continued play with it. Soon, a new update will hit, and with that update, Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo Wii will no longer be playable. Square Enix have their fist ready to raise one finger, which one it is will probably surprise you.

With what is being referred to as the 4.0 update, Nintendo Wii owners of Dragon Quest X will be left out in the cold. This update is due later this year for those wondering how long they can continue playing on their Wii console. After that, Dragon Quest X on this console will be a coaster, only valuable to collectors.

Instead of raising the middle finger, which is so easy to do today, Square Enix instead are planning to raise their thumb up to fans. If they own a Nintendo Switch that is.

With the upcoming 4.0 update owners of the Nintendo Wii version of Dragon Quest X will receive a download code for the game on the Nintendo Switch console. Please note, this code is only good for the digital download version. If you prefer physical copies of your games then you will have to shell out for a retail version.

It is better than the expected reaction that so many other companies bide by. Think about this: when is the last time Nintendo released an older game on a newer console then gave owners of that older game a download code for the newer version? Yeah, thought so. It doesn’t happen often. Don’t come at me with “backwards compatibility” either; that is a completely different matter compared to what Square Enix is doing here. Good on them.

Source: Square Enix

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