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Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 Demo Released, Fan Game Not Shut Down Yet

Castlevnia - the Lecarde Chronicles 2

This is another fan game that has, surprisingly, not been shut down by Konami. With that being said, I have downloaded the demo–you know, for safe keeping… Just in case. Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 is a fan game that is attempting to tell a new tale within the Castlevania world. What is interesting is how far they have gone to capture that mood.

The devs behind Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 have gone out and hired the voice actor who portrayed Alucarde in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Robert Begrade. They have also hired Douglas Rye, voice of Dracula in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, too. The devs are going all out but I have to ask: is it all for naught? Konami could shut this down with a single e-mail, and all of their time and investment of money and effort is done.

Anyhow, Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 does feature a lot of similarities to the name sake they are usurping. You will face spiders, bats, skeletons, and more creatures along your journey through this unofficial Castlevania adventure.

I know this will not be a popular statement, but Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 has a heavy Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest feel to it. Personally, I loved Simon’s Quest; it was more focused on adventure than action, and I was fine with that. The Lecarde Chronicles 2 seems to be carrying that aura quite well.

There are plenty of areas to explore, enemies to dispatch, and items to collect. Along your way, you will find stores to buy weapons, supplies, and there are plenty of townspeople to talk to. There are dialogue boxes that let you know about key things you need to know.

Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 is currently in development. You can grab the demo here.

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 Demo Released, Fan Game Not Shut Down Yet”

  1. Awesome game! Take a look at my page about Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles:

  2. CVFan says:

    This game is the best Castlevania game in years.


    Great Job Mig!!

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