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Free Game Friday #1

Yes folks, it’s time to look at a few games that have fallen under the radar. All of them have the amazing price of FREE as the title of the article suggests. I will not be including “Freemium” games as they are not truly free they have in-app purchases. Is this going to be a regular column? We shall see depending on whether people like the idea or not.

So our first game is Hedgewars

Hedgewars is a turn based strategy game where you and your crack team of pink hedgehogs must wipe out the enemy hedgehogs that are out to kill you. It is very much in the flavour of Team 17’s Worms, and even has quite a few of the mechanics.

However, it has a few of its own fun items such as the flying saucer (to move you around), the Tardis (where you disappear in said Tardis for a few rounds and reappear randomly somewhere on the map), plus much more. It has many different hats to choose from to make your teams unique. It also has randomly generated terrain maps or over 42 image style maps to play on.

Game modes include single player quick games, campaign mode, and Multiplayer sessions (both Local and Online). The game can also record games so you can show off your impressive (or in my case unimpressive skills) on Youtube.

If you like the Worms series, definitely check it out at today.

The second game is Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush is a very colourful neon racer created by students under the development name of Digipen. The idea is that the mainframe is under attack from malicious code, so you are sent out in the Core Antivirus car to sort it out.

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning. Sure, it has a lot of blur, but when running, you won’t care. The car has to negotiate the certain sectors, which starts off easy enough, but soon there are traps such as walls popping out of the ground, fans, and massive saw blades on the track stopping you.

The car can also do tricks which gains you points if you manage to pull off such things as wheelies and barrel rolls. It also has wings to help you fly over certain large gaps.

The game suggests the use of an Xbox 360 controller to play, although the game can be played using keys, and does plays well enough, but to get the best experience, I would recommend the controller.

Sounds like something you want to play? Well, it’s available at

Final game of the day is Durandal (Marathon 2)

Bungie are probably now most known for two major games. One is the original Halo series and the other is Destiny. However, they made FPS games long before that in the form of the Marathon trilogy. Most will not have played them as to run them you needed an Apple Macintosh. Well, Bungie have released all three games using the Aleph One engine which means the games can now be played on Windows, Linux and Mac.

The amount of lore of the Marathon trilogy could take up pages and pages of space but I will attempt to summarize it. The first game starts you on the UESC Marathon fighting the Pfhor an alien race which enslaves other worlds. You discover a conspiracy regarding three AIs (Leela, Durandal and Tycho) and you must save the world. Durandal is the second game, named after the AI. It’s seventeen years since the Marathon incident and you are now sent to search the ruined planet of the S’pht a group of aliens enslaved by the Pfhor and find what is happening. The final game is Marathon Infinity which has a massive story but involves jumping through various time frames to try and correct the history of the world and prevent the Pfhor from taking over the universe.

So why did I pick Durandal? Well, in my opinion, and many on the Internet, it has the best single player campaign. If you want a multiplayer game, then Infinity is better as it allows up to eight players to play via LAN or Online. You can download all three for free to try, and once you get used to the strange key set up, or set them to your liking–like I did–you have an amazing game. Durandal uses the HD textures from the XBLA remake on the XBox 360.

It was the first game that actually makes you fight using your fists as your guns don’t work in water, so sometimes you have to punch the enemy to death to progress past them. Make sure you are careful as it strategically places health stations quite a way apart, so you need to be clever with it. You start with a pistol, but you can gain a rifle that can fire bullets and grenades.

A very competent FPS series. There is still quite an active community and various fan made games such as Red, Rubicon X, and more can be used with the Aleph One engine.

If this is your idea fun then it can be found at

Well, that covers it for the Free Game Friday #1. Hopefully, you will find the games intriguing or at least vaguely interesting. If so, then there may be more to see.

If you would like to tell me of your free game or recommend any to look at then email me at


When not trying to run old machines to their limits, I occasionally write articles. As a man who has spent too long around retro machines, I have managed to play or try virtually every retro machine out there. Also quite a miserable sod who is known for strong opinions.

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