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Castlevania Coming to ColecoVision Retro Console

ColecoVision Super Game Module Screen

It is not all that often that we see modern(ish) games ported to retro consoles. That is exactly what Opcode Games are working on doing with Castlevania (the NES era version). They are not stopping there though as this is not just a straight port from the Japanese MSX2 computer version mixed with the Nintendo NES game.

Keep in mind, Konami is not supporting this in any way. Technically, this port is illegal.

Now that we have that out of the way, this is rather interesting news. Opcode Games, for those that do not know, has already ported (without permission from Konami) a few Konami games to the ColecoVision console. Those games are Penguin Adventure and Gradius.

So far all of Opcode Games ports of Konami titles require their Super Game Module for the ColecoVision console. The SGM is available here:

Castlevania exists only in the intro (embedded above) but it shows that progress is being made. More on this as it develops (and if this post is popular enough). According to opcode (member on AtariAge) who is the official Opcode Games account, this port is going to feature a remix of the original NES game and the MSX2 game. Partly because, apparently, MSX2 is not cross compatible with the ColecoVision, even with the Super Game Module installed. Also, this port will reportedly feature new graphics.

It is currently unknown how Konami will react to the news that one of their most iconic games is receiving a fan port that will eventually be available for sale (Opcode Games release their games on cartridge with rather nice packaging).

Head over to AtariAge to check out the progress firsthand. Let them know you read about it here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

Want to get your whip slinging fix? Crack your whip at eBay and grab some Castlevania goodness.

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