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Cave Story Mega Drive Edition Nears Completion

Cave Story Sega Genesis

When we hear about a new homebrew title we do our best to check it out and thoroughly investigate it before we post articles about it. That often means we are not the first at breaking something. We are fine with that. One such title is the latest Cave Story Mega Drive Edition release–currently sitting at version 0.3.3 and last updated earlier this year.

We covered Cave Story coming to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive mid last year. Now we are covering that it is closer to completion–still quite in the “alpha” stage of development, but better than the last version we saw. Per the Github page for Cave Story MD, we see that version 0.3.3 mainly brings an update to some backgrounds. Yep, they apparently don’t look like vomit now. Interesting choice of words. Still, this is basically Cave Story like we know and love it. There are no real changes to the overall game itself, as the idea is to port it as closely as possible to the original.

The story behind Cave Story is quite complicated and far too convoluted to repeat here. Suffice to say, your character has amnesia and starts in a village in a cavernous world of mystery. The story gets interesting and has twists and turns throughout. You will want to read it as it develops rather than pounding the button to advance the text.

If you have never played Cave Story before, it is a 2D side scrolling action adventure. Some have compared it to Metroid over the years–I can see that. The levels are often cavernous, sprawl in all directions, and death awaits you in the darkness.

Previous coverage of Cave Story MD here. If you want to grab some official Cave Story releases then hit eBay (your purchase helps RGM via affiliate links that cost you nothing).

Carl Williams

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