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Capcom Announces Disney Afternoon Collection

Disney Afternoon Collection

It is an age-old question (as old as since the first “next generation” console appeared). Why don’t companies keep old releases alive on newer platforms? Release collections and the like. Over the years we have seen something like this happen. On the Game Boy we saw dual retro arcade classics released on one cartridge. We have seen many “arcade” collections on various platforms too. Things get more complicated when you start wanting to see licensed classics on newer platforms. Earlier today we found out that Capcom has gone through the legal hoops to make just such a collection happen. The Disney Afternoon Collection contains six classic Capcom Nintendo Entertainment System games. That name, that is probably one of the coolest names for a collection.

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales 1 and 2, and finally, TaleSpin are the included titles. If you are not up on your retrogaming knowledge, these are all 2D side scrolling action adventures that were, for the most part, iconic and well-remembered by fans (I am sure someone out there is jumping for joy about TaleSpin).

Capcom is not just porting them to modern platforms and calling it a day. These six classics will feature HD upgrades, new modes and even some help for newbs. That help also will be there for those of us that have seen our skills degrade a bit since we last experienced titles from this era. All six games will feature a rewind feature that allows you to “back up” the game when you mess up (miss a jump, take damage, forget a power up, etc). Some of our readers may notice this is a feature that emulators have begun to implement in the last five years or so.

If these contain flicker and slowdown where the originals did then we know they used an emulator and just hacked the original ROMs.

Other features fans can expect to find in the Disney Afternoon Collection include a boss rush mode, time attack and more. Capcom are at least not just “cash running” these titles like we saw with the Android ports of those Mega Man games. Nor are they selling these one at a time, like we see on the Nintendo Virtual Console.

Get ready because The Disney Afternoon Collection is not that far off from release. Now, can we talk about an SNES version and this time, some Mickey games?

The Disney Afternoon Collection by Capcom
Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC (via Steam)
Genre: Retro, 2D action platform
In App Purchases: None that we know of
Rated: Everyone 10+
Available April 18th, 2017 for $19.99

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