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ZX Spectrum to Receive The Ooze Homebrew

Ooze ZX Spectrum

We don’t often cover homebrew releases for the ZX Spectrum computer. One reason could be that we are primarily a North American based site (we have been working on expanding with new team members across the globe). Another is that we are careful about what we cover for various reasons–often a title is just not interesting enough to warrant an article. The Ooze, is an upcoming homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum.

Taking control of a bit of ooze gives you some additional options when confronting the levels developer Andy Johns has devised. In the preview we have seen, embedded below, there is not a lot shown off. We get to see a couple of screens and how the obstacles are avoided within. That is it.

We do learn a few things from this short preview though. One, death is instant–no health meter to worry about. This means there are instant penalties for messing up–back to the beginning of the level you go when this happens. Ah, the good old methods of game design, how we have missed thee.

We also can glean the levels will be single screen affairs. They are colorful and detailed, so they should keep your attention. Obstacles are clearly marked, from steam pumping out of a pipe to a sentry robot patrolling their platform–death is on you.

I have been surprised at the level of detail developers get out of the ZX Spectrum screen. This is accomplished via great use of the black background to produce a nice shading effect. Why this is not used more on other platforms I will never know.

The Ooze is still in development and could be released quite soon. If you are new to the ZX Spectrum–like me–then you may be interested in grabbing one from eBay. Your purchase helps us keep the lights on here at RGM and costs you nothing.

Carl Williams

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