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Further Trouble in Vega+

I previously reported upon the problems that Retro Computers Ltd were having regarding the ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld. Retro Computers Ltd had problems with this for months. They initially said to backers that they would be trying to get the machine out during the Summer of 2016. However, this timeline came and went. I reported that they claimed it was an issue regarding the buttons, so it was delayed. Then the legal battle internally between directors which delayed it even further. This, I believe, is still an on-going battle which has caused many problems with the Vega+ progress.

However, it seems a final blow has been delivered in the form of Indiegogo who have now halted the campaign on the grounds of failure to deliver and lack of communication with backers. This came due to a recent deadline of February 2017 which was not achieved. Many backers have requested refunds and this is probably the death knell of this campaign.

Some backers are still hopeful that they will receive machines, but a large majority of them are not happy, and will probably start to demand refunds. This is the issue with crowdfunding projects, and we have seen this time and time again. a company managed to raise the said funds and more. Yet the product never arrives or is delayed until cancelled.

At least Indiegogo seems to offer a refund policy. Many Kickstarter projects have been funded, failed to deliver, and consumers are out of pocket. I think it is safe to say that we shoule take this as a warning. Crowd funding projects seem a bit of a risk. Even if the project is funded, and even if it exceeds its designated target, so many have failed to deliver.

That’s not to say every crowd-funded product has failed. RCL did deliver on the original ZX Spectrum Vega but this time it seems as if it has overstretched itself. Hopefully, in time, this will be resolved one way or another.


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