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Ghost Blade HD Brings Indie Bullet Hell Dreamcast Game to PC

Ghost Blade HD

Ghost Blade by Hucast games is one of those indie games that we saw years after the demise of the Sega Dreamcast. What set Ghost Blade apart from the competition was the graphics, sound, and the challenge level. Everything appeared more like an official release than an indie game developed with after the fact tools. This was a testament to the quality of the development team behind the game as it is indeed an unofficial release for the Sega Dreamcast. Now Ghost Blade HD is going to update the classic bullet hell game and bring it to more modern platforms.

Ghost Blade HD features HD graphics (duh), five stages with boss enemies waiting with baited breath and three ships, each with different attributes, available for you to control.

There is also a practice mode for those of us that are not adept at bullet hell shooters–myself included. When you die, you respawn immediately without pesky cutscenes to get in the way–thank goodness. Want to set a record? Check out the Score Attack Mode and see if you can best your friends. Oh, there are also nearly 40 achievements and trading cards available if you are into those.

I am more of a traditional scrolling shooter fan myself. Never been all that big on the bullet hell genre but I can give credit where credit is due and Ghost Blade HD certainly deserves it. I do want to thank Hucast Games for bringing this over to Steam as so many game developers and publishers simply ignore Steam as a viable release platform.

Ghost Blade HD by Hucast Games
Platform: PC (via Steam on March 8th), PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Wii U eShop
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter, bullet hell
Available on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Wii U eShop

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