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Intrepid Izzy, a New Game in Development for Dreamcast and PC

Senile Team are known for high profile releases such as Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally Racing, both of which were met with universal praise and is regarded as one of the finest Dreamcast games of its genre. Rush Rush Rally Racing was even given a physical release for the Dreamcast and was given a recent update with Rush Rush Rally Reloaded. After dropping hints on social media, developer Senile Team have finally announced that they are working on a new game for the Dreamcast and PC (Windows) called Intrepid Izzy.

According to Senile Team’s announcement, Intrepid Izzy will be a 2D platform action game with “metroidvania” elements. The game will mix platform action with beat ’em up and RPG elements. The player must guide Izzy through the many worlds, fighting off enemies, solving puzzles, and avoiding obstacles along the way. From the screenshots on the official webpage, Intrepid Izzy looks set to be a bold and colorful gameplay experience.


While the game has been confirmed for development on PC as well as the Dreamcast, other platform conversions are being looked into as well. Senile Team have also announced that the game is being created with a custom-made engine with custom-made tools. Roel van Mastbergen is working on the game’s design, illustrations, animation and programming, while Black Device–who produced the soundtrack for Rush Rush Rally Racing–will work on the music.

With these details and screenshots released, the game looks very promising indeed and we can’t wait to see the final game. In the meantime, readers can head over to the Intrepid Izzy website for all the details and screenshots.

Neil Reive

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  1. thor says:

    Looks good. PS1 version please!

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