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Major Fire Pro Wrestling Announcement Made

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What classic gaming fan has not at least tried a Fire Pro Wrestling game over the years? Sure, the early releases were not ported over to North America but the later ones certainly were (I am looking at your GBA and Sega Dreamcast). For those that missed out on this iconic series so far, imagine a wrestling game that let you create just about any character you wanted – not just play with the ones from the company. That will give you an idea of what Fire Pro Wrestling is all about.

Suda51, one of the main people that helped bring Fire Pro Wrestling to life over 20 years ago, has just released an announcement video. In this video Suda51 mentions that Fire Pro Wrestling is coming back after over a decade hiatus. Yep, it has been over a decade since we last saw a Fire Pro Wrestling game. Sad, but true.

Fire Pro Wrestling is probably best known for its customization options. If you are not interested in the characters that came installed, simply create your own. Whether real world based or a machination of your imagination, new wrestlers could be inserted into the series. This setup allowed fans to recreate what it would have been like if WCW had been able to get Shawn Michaels to make the jump during the height of the Monday Night Wars or if Undertaker would appear in TNA and more. Oh yeah, this means a lot of work on your part to get all of the characters inserted but you can do it if you wanted.

Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and flowers. Suda51 also mentioned in his announcement video that he will, sadly, not be returning to the Fire Pro Series. Instead, he will be supporting the new release just like the rest of us, as a fan from the sidelines.

Fire Pro Wrestling is set to come to PC (via Steam) and Playstation 4 sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

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