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Conker’s High Rule Tail Total Conversion of Zelda III Released

Conker's High Rule Tail

Okay, it is not all that often that we get to discuss total conversions for games. These things take a lot of work and time to complete, the good ones take even longer. Well, what was apparently the spiritual successor to Zelda III: Parallel Worlds (another fan hack) has become its own game: Conker’s High Rule Tail. Before you read the rest of the article, be warned this is a prequel of sorts to the Nintendo 64 game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day so expect foul language at every turn.

The developer behind this fan hack promises that the same level of crude humor and references to pop culture you saw in the N64 game will be around here. This is either good or bad news depending on your view of what we call the “Working Designs Translation” of dating the release with references to current world things. This is quite evident in country music with songs like Travis Tritt’s “Here’s a quarter, call someone that cares”.

Promised in Conker’s High Rule Tail are new worlds, dungeons, and challenges to explore in an overhead fashion. There are even 10 different characters to take control of in your quest to complete the game.

If you think the real-world references are just a few words here or there, they don’t stop there. Inspired by the Star Wars movies, there are reportedly five different endings to find in Conker’s High Rule Tail. Talk about dedication.

Many developers forget the audio side of gaming and that is a shame. Luckily here we are going to get a soundtrack that features about one hundred songs rocked through the MSU-1 chip (you do have the setup for this right?).

What we are seeing here is about eight years of work of love and dedication. Head over to to grab the patch. We can’t link directly to the ROM file as Nintendo still holds, with an iron fist, the rights to it.

Carl Williams

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