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Bandit Gaming – Power Rangers III for NES Translated to Russian

Power Rangers III Russian Fan Translation

You may be reading that title and thinking, when did Power Rangers III get released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Better than that, when did Power Rangers ever see a Nintendo NES release? They didn’t because this is a pirate game – hence the title, Bandit Gaming. So, yea, this is a translation of a pirate game into Russian.

Much like every other Power Rangers game released, this is a fighting game. Well, it is a combination of brawler (Final Fight or Streets of Rage) and one on one fighting (Street Fighter). The levels scroll but you only face one enemy at a time.

Gameplay is straight forward. You pick your favorite Power Ranger (from the early seasons featuring Kimberly and Trini). This may turn off some fans that were hoping for a Power Rangers game based on the later seasons (Dino, Space, Ninja, etc). You can’t win them all.

As to be expected, there is a fair bit of flicker with Power Rangers III.

The original English version was released sometime late last year. The Russian version was released a little more recently.

Power Rangers is set for a reboot coming to theaters this year (2017). Before we have a repeat of parents getting upset over the content of the movie (like we saw when the show originally aired), this is not a kid friendly Power Rangers movie. The 2017 reboot is going dark and it is doing so as hard as something can and still carry the title “Power Rangers”. Think The Dark Knight versus the Adam West Batman series and you will have an idea of how dark things are going to be when compared to the original. To follow the new Power Rangers movie, head over to your sister site, Gravis Ludus.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of the Russian language version of Power Rangers III for the Nintendo Entertainment System then head to and tell them RGM sent you.

Carl Williams

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