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Pixel Noir Brings Classic Movie Style to Games in New Demo, Kickstarter Success

Do you remember the aura that Shadowrun on Super Nintendo had? That grungy, dark, something is going to kill me at any moment feeling? Pixel Noir has that in spade along with a healthy dose of the classic film genre styling to smooth things over. This Kickstarter success from 2015 continues development as proven in the new demo.

The story behind Pixel Noir is all gumshoe noir. Your character, at one time, was a police officer. He is now a private investigator after losing his partner in a failed investigation. Your partner lost his life during an altercation at an abandoned hospital that was reduced to ashes (could this be a cover up?). Guess who took the fall for his death and the destruction of evidence? Yep, your character did. Now that he is out of prison and a free man, he is out to find out what happened, prove his name clean, and bring the bad guys to justice. Just another day in the life of a noir narrative.

Interestingly, the soundtrack is being done by Kunai Majmudar and Hiroki Kikuta (of Secret of Mana fame). We know that the soundtrack is going to be good.

Remember how I mentioned Shadowrun on the Super Nintendo earlier? Well, check out the video above and tell me you don’t agree. The difference here is that Pixel Noir allows you to control more than one character, perform combos with those additional characters in battle, and generally is more violent than the Super NES game ever was.

Right now, the demo that is available is from an Alpha stage of development so there is a bit of work that could be done and improved upon. The developers are asking anyone that thinks they see something that needs improving to be please let them know. This is your chance to help forge a new game, if you take it.

Pixel Noir is currently still in development. The demo is available, after jumping through a few hoops, here. Plans are to bring Pixel Noir to a plethora of platforms from PC (Windows and Linux) to consoles (Xbox and Playstation) to hand helds (PS Vita, 3DS, Android and iOS) and more.

Carl Williams

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