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Netflix Castlevania Poster Revealed

If you have not heard yet, Netflix is working on a series based on Konami’s Castlevania franchise. There are not a lot of details available yet. We do know that it is going to be rated R so this won’t be Simon’s Quest on the NES as much as it will be Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis. Recently we got a look at the poster for this new series and it is decidedly black and red. More so than what Nintendo’s Virtual Boy offered gamers willing to take the plunge.

Head over to Adi Shankar’s Facebook page to see the first image of the poster for Netflix’s Castlevania series. It certainly sets the mood quite well and clearly throws the series on the darker side of the game franchise.

For those that do not know who Adi Shankar is, he is the director of this new Castlevania series for Netflix. Mr. Shankar’s credits include directing, and or executive producer credits on, Dredd (2012, movie), The Grey (2011, movie), Lone Survivor (2013, movie), and many more. See a pattern to his work yet?

Some details we do know about this upcoming Castlevania series is that the first season will hit in 2017 and the second season will hit in 2018. Seasons one and two are written by Warren Ellis. Mr. Ellis is the writer behind Iron Man 3 (movie), RED (movie), RED 2 (movie), Dead Space (game), the story advisor for Blade (TV series), X-Men (TV series from 2011), and various other gaming, comic book television shows and movies (he wrote Dark Heart for Justice League Unlimited from 2004).

With Mr. Shankar connected to this new Castlevania series, I can almost guarantee that there is going to be blood. Probably more than what we saw in the SAW movie franchise. Another point to be prepared for, this is not going to be the world of Castlevania that was shown in Captain N the Game Master a few decades ago.

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