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Harvest Moon 64 Returns on Wii U Virtual Console

Fans of Harvest Moon 64 have plenty of reason to rejoice this week! At least the European fans do, as it has been announced that the Wii U Virtual Console will finally receive Harvest Moon 64. After years of fans clamoring for Nintendo to release the game to no avail, it appears that the company has finally relented and decided to re-launch the game on February 23. For nearly two decades, the only legitimate way of playing Harvest Moon 64 was to purchase the rather expensive and rare cartridge for the N64. The best about all of this? We only have two more days until release!

Harvest Moon 64 is the most famous, and highest rated title in the series. For many, Harvest Moon 64 was their introduction to the world of farming and dating-sims. As such it holds a special place in the hearts of many, and continues to impress fans of the newer games who are willing to give it a chance. After all, who could forget the first time they grew some turnips? Perhaps, the moment your favorite darling said “yes” to the big question? Or even that time your dog or horse won the race and earned you a ton of medals? Manage your time wisely, and you’ll get to experience all of these events plus more!

The story is simple: Pete’s grandfather died, and he’s inherited his farm. Your job is to help Pete restore his farm back to its former glory. He’ll find romance, adventure, magic, and even the supernatural. As Pete explores the town and gets to befriend the villagers, he’ll learn about them and their troubles. He might even be able to help them resolve their issues by simply being their friend. Just remember that you only have two years and a season before his dad comes to grade the farm. If he proves himself worthy, he’ll let you stay, but if you don’t help Pete manage the farm well… then his father will have to sell it, and take him back to the city…

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The game has been confirmed for the North America Virtual Console!




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