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Metal Man Remixed for ZX Spectrum Now Available as Free Download

Metal Man Remixed was initially developed for the ZX Spectrum as one of the reward options in the Kickstarter campaign for the ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium art book in 2015. The game’s developer, Oleg Origin, has now made the game available as a free download–so now you have no excuse to play this fantastic 8-bit game.

The game’s plot tells of a futuristic New York when crime groups work together, creating super criminal organizations. To make matters worse, battle robots and new hi-tech weaponry find their way into the criminal organizations’ hands. And with the authorities becoming more corrupt by the day, the police are finding the battle against these super criminal organizations to be extremely difficult. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and one dedicated police officer steps forward to take crime on head first. His name: Metal Man–Yes, this is all reminiscent of RoboCop, which is no bad thing.

As mentioned, the game was previously only available as a tier reward in the ZX Spectrum art book Kickstarter campaign, but the Remixed game is actually an update of Metal Man Reloaded (2014), which in turn is an update of Metal Man (1997). However, Oleg Origin has implemented many improvements to the Remixed version: new loading screen, new logo and font, reworked graphics, reworked sprites, added in-game pause, reworked GUI, difficulty tweaked (level 1), minor bugs fixed, and many more.

Metal Man Remixed will play fine on any ZX Spectrum, but the 128K version will be able to load all the levels in one go, rather than having to load each level in turn. The game is available to download for free from Oleg Origin’s website. On the game’s webpage, you will find download links for the tape version (.tap), TR-DOS version (.trd), as well as the game instructions (.txt).

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