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NBA Jam 2K17 Features Updated Roster Including Political and Additional NBA Stars

Fans of the NBA Jam series already know that this series liked to poke fun at not only the NBA but real life also. The pokes at the NBA are easily seen from literally having the character catch fire and the announcer claim “he is on fire,” and other literal representations. The original NBA Jam did not shy away from politics either. Neither does this fan hack of the Super Nintendo release, renamed NBA Jam 2K17.

Other than new players, teams and special hidden players, this is the NBA Jam we knew and loved over 20 years ago. What makes this new hack interesting is of course the extras that were put in.

First, you can now play with all 30 NBA teams–New Orleans, Memphis, Toronto, and many more. There are 117 players, the best of the best according to the hack information file, included including Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, and a ton of others. The team rosters are up to date as of January first 2017 (talk about current).

Now you may be thinking that the legends are left out, considering the staggering size of the overall roster; you would be wrong. Sottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and more are included in NBA Jam 2K17.

Dunk as Trump, Hillary, or Harambe, and watch the crowd go wild

Okay, remember how the original NBA Jam featured a few pokes at politicians? Well, those are back in NBA Jam 2K17. Fans can now play as President Donald Trump, “Almost got it” Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, and the late Harambe.

Yep, no matter what side of the political table you sit on, you can now perform a flaming fire slam dunk on your hated political rival or get revenge as Harambe (zoo sharp shooter is probably not a listed member of the roster, though).

This hack is cool because the people behind it continue the tradition of poking fun at politicians, real life, and generally the game of basketball. Grab the hack over on’s website.

Carl Williams

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