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Sega 32X Running on Nintendo NES Classic Mini Console

Okay, the Nintendo Classic Mini is getting more and more interesting. Hackers recently figured out how to add more games which was cool. Then we saw hackers showing off how to get even more games on the thing (shattering previously thought limitations of memory). Now we have a video of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini running games from one of Nintendo’s biggest competitors.

Previously, we covered how the Ninendo NES Classic Mini was more powerful than Nintendo’s own 3DS hand held. At the time, this was just a specifications comparison–nothing more. Now we seem to have proof of this power as emulators are starting to show up.

The Sega 32X was not a commercial success but fans still revere many of its games

Shown in the video are Blackthorne, Doom, Chaotix, Mortal Kombat II, NBA Jam, Stellar Assault, Star Wars: The Arcade Game, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing, and WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game.

To see Retroarch, the emulator of choice, running this well on the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is interesting to say the least. This could mean that we could see other platforms running on this little impossible to get piece of hardware.

Seeing the console play Sega 32X titles should not come as a surprise. At least in theory, considering the power under the hood. It is surprising due to the apparent memory limitations of the console. If there is an easy way to expand the internal memory then many more, more powerful, platforms could be in line to being emulated. That makes the Nintendo NES Classic Mini even more interesting.

While Nintendo is making it nearly impossible to grab one of these little consoles, hackers are making them more desirable every day. Quite a conundrum for fans. Seriously, this lack of units kind of sucks.

What console could be next for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini? Maybe MAME? How about PlayStation?

Carl Williams

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