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Nintendo Switch Shipped Early to Fan, Interface Shown off (Yeah, We Are Getting Excited over the User Interface)

The Nintendo Switch is quite a platform. I call it a platform because it is both a handheld and a home console, depending on how you are playing it. Nintendo is seemingly going in two directions here and it is setting the gaming world on fire. Well, the Switch is not yet available to fans (that comes in early March) but one lucky fan got his unit early–by about two weeks. What else do you do when you get something like this? Make a video showing off the user interface, of course.

Thanks to “hiphoptherobot”, NeoGAF user, who is the recipient we are talking about here. Dude even took pictures of the box, what was inside the box, and more. Those are available over on the NeoGAF forums (we respect our friends here).

The interface is quite simple and clean. This was more of a surprise to me coming from Nintendo. I was envisioning this having more colors and more Mario heads and the like. I know, that is not feasible, but it was what I was expecting–like a mix between Nintendo and the Windows XP interface.

Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch is supposed to have 32 gigs of memory. Well, according to hiphoptherobot, it does… kind of. There is only 25.9 gigs available for users to store games, game saves, and downloadable content (DLC). Sure, this is expandable via third-party SD cards, but that doesn’t make this less annoying.

We still have to wait another two weeks, or so, before the Nintendo Switch is made available to everyone. At this point, though, I have to ask, will there be a shortage like there is with the Nintendo NES Classic Mini? I hope Nintendo knows to make enough units available as having a shortage here could be detrimental to the company in the eyes of most gamers. This is Nintendo’s chance to regain some ground lost over the last couple of console generations. Don’t blow it.

Carl Williams

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