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Five Best Sega Genesis Comics Games (Yes, Batman Is #1)

X-Men Sega Genesis

When doing a list like this, it is hard to come up with a number one game that has not been on top everywhere already. Batman holds the #1 spot here, again, so if you think you know the whole list already, scroll by. For the rest of you, there are some good games on this list that prove licensed games don’t have to suck. I am keeping this one to comics licensed games so that there is a bit of a limitation to the series and is not an all time best Sega Genesis games by any means. 

#5 – Batman: The Video Game by Sunsoft

This was the game that many of us back in the day thought would not come to the United States. This was also the first DC Comics licensed game on the Sega Genesis. 2D side scrolling fighting action that loosely followed the movie is what fans got when they put this cartridge in their Genesis console. To not have this one on the list would almost be criminal, though there are plenty of better DC Comics licensed titles to discuss.

#4 – The Death and Return of Superman by Sunsoft

Another Sunsoft release for fans. While Sunsoft had an earlier title using the Superman license, titled simply Superman, I prefer The Death and Return of Superman because I have a soft spot for scrolling brawlers in the Streets of Rage and Final Fight style. Any game based on a character like Superman has to have some liberties taken and the player has to play along more than usual and The Death and Return of Superman is no different. You won’t be powering through the levels like the character is advertised as supposed to be able to, if you could there would be no challenge and no fun to be had.

#3 – The Amazing Spider-Man vs Kingpin by Sega

Okay, this one is also available on the Sega CD add-on which includes a bit more stuff. That is not to say that the cartridge version is not worth getting. Either version is good. Iconic foes abound in this game, classic spidey action and plenty of punching, kicking, and jumping through sprawling levels await all who take up the challenge.

#2 – X-Men by Sega

Okay, other than the weird way Sega expected you to reach the final level (I won’t spoil it unless you want to reset your computer), this comic based game was quite good. I mean, I am a huge Rogue fan and even though she was relegated to “helper” status at best here, I can still appreciate the quality of X-Men (the women were to star in a canceled game). Again, 2D side scrolling action that featured some of the most iconic characters from the X-Men universe.

#1 –  Adventures of Batman and Robin by Sega

Okay, you may be thinking I lied to you with the title of this article. Technically, I didn’t. Batman is in this game, and it is number one. Anyhow, there is one caveat for this being number one: that you play it with a Game Genie. If you don’t, then good luck in seeing the later parts of the game. From line scrolls (ala Street Fighter II) to tons and tons of sprites on screen with tons of color and detail, Adventures of Batman and Robin is amazing. That difficulty level though–Sega really messed up in that regard, or they were wanting to push Game Genie sales. If you have not played this one then you owe it to yourself to remedy that ASAP.

Okay, now it is your turn. Let me hear your list in the comments below. Sound off comic book fans.

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Five Best Sega Genesis Comics Games (Yes, Batman Is #1)”

  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    My favorite is X-Men 2 : Clone Wars. All chars all designed well so that we could beat any level with any chars. Sure, some chars had some advantages on some levels, but any level is doable with any chars. That’s what made its replay value high.
    My 2nd favorite is The Amazing Spider-Man vs Kingpin. Every boss is so unique and we have to find unique ways to defeat them.
    As for Batman, I still think NES Batman’s still the best. The music alone always encourage me to play the game.

    • Great choices there. I agree with you 100% on Spider-Man vs Kingpin. It was a great spidey game (made even better on Sega CD thanks to the cut scenes and other benefits of the CD format).

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