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Duck Tales 2 Receives Two Player Hack

Duck Tales 2 Two Player Hack Darkwing Duck

If you ask fans of Disney licensed games about the better releases on the Nintendo Entertainment System you will probably hear Duck Tales at least once. Probably even the second game (though the first games moon level music is quite iconic). One problem both Duck Tales games had was that one player limitation. Now fans have corrected this problem, at least for Duck Tales 2 on the Nintendo NES.

Yep, if you are a fan of Duck Tales 2 and always wanted to experience it with your best friend then you are in luck. This hack brings not only two player action to the formerly single player game but also other improvements.

First of all, the second player gets to play as Darkwing Duck. Yep, the master of surprise is now playable in Duck Tales 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This almost makes me want to fire up this hack and just kill off the first player and complete the game as Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck received his own game on the Nintendo NES and Nintendo Game Boy (both by Capcom) and even on the Turbo Grafx-16 (by NEC). Darkwing Duck also shares the same universe as Duck Tales as Launchpad McQuack appears in both television shows.Duck Tales 2 Darkwing Duck Hack

Other improvements to Duck Tales 2 include various bug fixes, slowdown reduction, and improved how sprites display on actual Nintendo NES hardware. It is cool that the hacker here didn’t settle for putting in Darkwing Duck and call it a day which is often the case with these types of releases.

Capcom was known for their quality Disney licensed games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. From Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 1 and 2 to Duck Tales 1 and 2, if it was a Disney game and had the Capcom logo on the box, it was surely a quality game. That is just fact. Don’t believe me? Check out Capcom’s NES Disney games for proof.


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