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Skies of Arcadia 2?

Fans have been clamoring a sequel to Skies of Arcadia for nearly two decades. Unfortunately for them, the possibility of this is nearly non-existent as Sega has no plans for the development of a sequel. Since around 2007, rumors have persisted that Sega would produce an HD remake of Skies of Arcadia but, so far, this has been wishful thinking. It’s now 2017, and we still don’t see any sign of a Skies of Arcadia sequel. As far as any hopes of seeing Vyse star in another game, the only thing we’ve had in these years are his appearance in Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed and Valkyria Chronicles. But is there really any hope for a sequel to Skies of Arcadia? Not according to a rumor that started in 2007.

While skeptics might not believe this, 10 years ago, a rumor started to circulate regarding a fan from the infamous 2chan boards in Japan. The fan supposedly wrote to Sega and Satomi Hajime about a sequel; the answer was a sad tale about how Sega has exhausted its creative supply and is now running on pure nostalgia to sell games. In the email, Satomi Hajime used Sonic Generations as an example of this, and proclaimed that if they tried to create a sequel, it would almost certainly be a failure. While the original link to the email translation has been lost, there are still records of this in a few places. Yet, I personally believe in this rumor, probably because, if you stop and look at the ending of Skies of Arcadia, there really wasn’t anywhere else to go after that point.

At the very end of the game, Vyse had traveled the entire world, discovered technology to fly above and below the clouds, and eliminated any empire that was “evil”. If the player did a completionist run then this was especially true, in which case, the same thing happened which ended the real life “age of discovery”. There was nothing left for Vyse to discover, which means that if we wanted to see a second game in this series, it would either have to be in the future or a prequel, both of which would defeat the purpose of wanting a sequel to spend time with Vyse and crew. What about players who have no problem with either of these alternatives?

Those of you who would like a game in the same continuity, whether it be in the past or the future, would have to deal with a few scenarios. Perhaps an opportunity to see Ramirez’s side of the story would be great; to see how everything happened that made him turn out the way he did. However, the problem would be in the foregone conclusion, as we saw his story through Piastol’s side-quest. Perhaps a story of Dyne’s early adventures, seeing as the family has been in piracy for a long time. But if the setting is in the future then the problem might be that it’s simply a repeat of the original story, and that wouldn’t be interesting, either. Yet, one more possibility exists and it lies within the Black Moon Stones. Inside the dark rift at the very center of the storm lies a fragment of the forgotten Black Moon.

The moon is said to have the power to invert energy, turn positives into negatives. what if, perhaps, in a surge of exploration, Vyse and crew run into the black moon, and end up in an alternate time-line where they had failed their quest. We get to see what happens if they died in the middle of the adventure and now we have to either find a way back or save this dimension? Perhaps even a world where Fina’s fears come true, and Ramirez and her roles are changed? This was actually brought up in game, so it would be cool to see it. Yet, this is only wishful thinking at best. For now, we’ll have to make due with the possibility of seeing the game re-released on the Nintendo Switch.

According to some, the Nintendo Switch will be releasing the much touted GameCube games emulation on their virtual console. If this is true, perhaps Sega will allow people who purchase Nintendo’s console to play the game. While this isn’t really anything special, it will be a good opportunity for those who never tried Skies of Arcadia and will allow another shot at selling more copies. I doubt we’ll see Skies of Arcadia 2 in this lifetime, but maybe one day, we’ll be fortunate enough to see what adventures could be made in the world of Eternal Arcadia.

Dash The Bomber

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2 Responses to “Skies of Arcadia 2?”

  1. Vyse says:

    Well written. I would love to see a squeal and the proposed story-line would be a great entry point that many likely wouldn’t have thought of. My thing is if they did it, I feel it will never compare to the first. That’s why I would love to see them remaster it and fix a few of the mechanics of the game to bring it at least into the new generation. Just like they did with Dreamcast to the Gamecube only now up to the Switch’s standards. If they rebuilt it from the ground up (never going to happen) with a newer engine that would be even more amazing…

    Wishful thinking. Hope to see this new Sonic game do well and maybe they will get a moral boost and start getting risky!

  2. Artur says:

    In fact, it would be difficult to design a sequel, at least a direct one.

    Perhaps Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an example. Same title, same mechanics, but unrelated characters.

    SoA didn’t sell well, that’s right, but no direct sequel with Vyse would fit, no matter how much we like him.

    It could be either an HD remake or a spiritual sequel.

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