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Mega Cheril Perils Now Available for Free on Genesis / Mega Drive

If you have never played a Mojon Twins game, now is the perfect time to try one of them out. Mega Cheril Perils, a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive platform game from The Mojon Twins, originally appeared on the Verkami Spanish crowdfunding website. The campaign, which also included other Mojon Twins titles, was a roaring success, with the game getting a physical release. Almost one year on from that successful campaign, the Mojon Twins have now made Mega Cheril Perils available as a free download.

Based on Cheril Perils, which first appeared on the ZX Spectrum back in 2010, the Genesis version was first announced in 2015. With the power of the 16-bit gaming console, the Twins were able to update the game’s design, graphics, sound, and more. The game was then part of the successful crowdfunding project to bring a whole package of games to publication, including Super Uwol (NES), Sir Ababol (NES), Ninjajar! (Spectrum), Mega Mindtris (Mega Drive / Genesis), and The Prayer of the Warrior (Spectrum). Spanish retrogaming publisher, 1985 Alternativo, released Mega Cheril Perils on both NTSC and PAL cartridge with box and manual.

The game follows the perils of Cheril in this classic platform adventure, which features all the hallmarks of a Mojon Twins game: interesting story, colorful visuals, and entertaining gameplay. Cheril is an ordinary girl from the Badajoz jungle who eats cucumbers, hunts down wild panthers, and flys through the jungle on hanging vines. One day, Cheril decides to travel to the edges of the jungle to discover a new kind of jungle: the asphalt and concrete kind. However, the streets were empty and silent, because, unknown to Cheril, the population of the city had turned into stupid brain-eating zombies.

Cheril finds herself trapped until the zombie situation is brought under control. Naturally, this involves Cheril cleaning up the zombie infested streets of the city by taking them out. While the walking dead should be directly avoided, Cheril can activate resonator devices that are randomly placed in and around the streets. The resonators activate a vibration that puts the zombies in a state of confusion, which gives Cheril the time to jump over them, making them disappear in a puff of smoke.

The Mega Cheril Perils‘ Genesis / Mega Drive ROM and source files are both freely available to download in from the Mojon Twins website.

Neil Reive

An avid retrogamer who has worked on various projects, magazines, and fanzines. He started his videogaming journey with the Amstrad CPC464 computer before moving onto a Commodore 64, then the Sega Mega Drive, followed by a multitude of PCs.

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