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Princess Maker 2 Retrospective

A troubled production and problems during release ensured we would not see this game in the U.S. until 2016. A game where you can have the potential to raise a godly or demonic child, it was fully translated when it was axed. But what exactly makes Princess Maker 2 so unique? What is it about raising a 10 year old as an 11 year hero (or older) that makes it so appealing? Why is it that after so long, they finally released Princess Marker 2 on Steam? The answer to that might just be that the game is fantastic and still holds true to this day.

On the surface, Princess Maker 2 is simple: you would arrange your “daughter’s” schedule for the weeks and months. Your choices are varied and you could have your daughter work or study, which raised and lowered certain stats. Take a vacation or days off in order to reduce her stress level. Explore four different maps in which the game takes a turn towards becoming an RPG, or even visit the castle to comingle with the royalty (this required a lot of decorum, so don’t expect to do this at early game). Random events would pop-up throughout the week, some good, others bad, but overall, very enjoyable.

I mean, your daughter could turn rebellious or go to town with older “gentlemen” to do who knows what? Suitors could show up asking for her hand in marriage, a strange salesman could bring about a pill which enhances bust or a drink which makes her gain or lose weight. A master magician might power the daughter up with her magical powers. A rival might appear to challenge your daughter’s magical ability as well. Almost no play through will be exactly the same, thus the replay value is sky high in Princess Maker 2. Not to mention that the RPG maps add even more playability by being loaded with area specific random events.

If you choose to let your daughter go adventure, she could stay out for a week in the maps by camping. This is actually not just a healing mechanic as events can happen when she sleeps. She might, for example, encounter a fairy party and join in which raised her sensitivity. She might find a boss battle versus one of the unique sprite enemies, and if you lose to these, it is implied, at least, one of them molests your daughter. Perhaps you’d like to challenge the god of war himself and go to the highest tower in the snow level, because this can be done as well.

But this is all working towards the goal of achieving the best ending you could possibly have. Your daughter can become the queen of the underworld or even the ruler of the kingdom you live in. She could be a hero, maid, jester, magician, hero, or even mundane things such as a housewife. Which mean that you could constantly replay the game until it was mastered, and then try a different route. It’s a truly enjoyable experience and one that should be played by all gamers young and old.

Available now on Steam for the first time in two decades, it’s a must play for old-school and new-school gamers.

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