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New Street Fighter Animated Movie Work in Progress by Fan

Street Fighter Fan Anime Short

Capcom is not known for taking things lightly when it comes to their games. That is why it is interesting that this fan project to create a new Street Fighter anime style movie is still going strong. This project is purportedly going to be about 20 minutes long so it falls in the category of “short film” on services such as YouTube. What you probably won’t believe is the quality level one guy has achieved so far. My question is, why not apply this level of expertise to a property of your own rather than risk getting a cease and desist letter from someone like Capcom? We will see if one comes or not.

First, the little bit of the Street Fighter short film that we are treated to is quite good. Sure, the characters, mostly Guile, are “off” from what I remember them looking like over the various iterations, but I can forgive that. Dude is close enough with his work here.

The opener has M. Bison landing in a futuristic aircraft. Well, his troops land, he just steps off and floats in the air like the tough guy he is. Apparently, they are on their way to fight Guile and his backup troops. There is a pretty good fight scene with Guile performing a few moves from the games. We also get a chance to see Cammy in action, though not much.

After the little bit of semi finished animation plays, we get to see the storyboard work. Unfinished artwork, animations, and sketches as they progressed. This is quite cool to me as this is stuff you don’t usually get to see with professional releases.

I do have to wonder, though, how long before a cease and desist letter is delivered? Capcom is not usually litigious (certainly not as bad as Nintendo), but they are protective of their properties. Why aren’t people with this skill creating their own works? Especially considering the man behind this fan Street Fighter anime is accepting donations from fans via Patreon. That just screams “shut me down”. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will have long to wait.

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “New Street Fighter Animated Movie Work in Progress by Fan”

  1. Edward The Less says:

    Does not look good.

    Reminds me of Axanar a Star Trek fan film. They are in court right now trying to complete the film. J.J Abrams said they could go ahead and that the case would be dropped and it looked like Paramount was going to but several months later and it shows no signs of stopping.

    I think many companies see things like this going on and wait for the last minute to stop it so they inflect as much damage as possible instead of shutting it down early in the process.

  2. I still stand by my inquiry in the article about why people that have this talent/time why they don’t make original work instead of using properties they have no legal right to.

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