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RetroEngine Sigma Busts Funding Plateau

retroengine sigma

The RetroEngine Sigma is no stranger to our readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine. We have covered it previously, early on in the IndieGoGo campaign. For those that do not know, this is a little project that will bring fully licensed retro games to your HDTV in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you game. How? This thing is small, portable, and it has some interesting things going on under the hood that the Retro Bit Generations never could have pulled off (according to our readers, that thing barely plays the games installed).

One thing that the RetroEngine Sigma will have up on the Retro Bit Generations is actually shipping with hardware that can run the games. This is a major problem with the only competition that the RetroEngine Sigma really has: lack of horsepower under the hood.

The RetroEngine Sigma will feature an Allwinner H3 CPU (Quad Core Cortex A7 clocked at 1.2 GHz), a Mali 400 MP2 GPU, and 512 megs of DDR3 RAM. Okay, I have to say, everything looks fine till we hit that seriously lacking amount of RAM. I am not sure why this cannot be at least one gig, if not two, but 512 megs seems quite low nowadays. I know, I know, specs are just that: numbers and public relations wording to make things sound cool. The proof will be in how this thing plays the games.

The RetroEngine Sigma will ship with 15 officially licensed and ready to go retro games. That is obviously lower than the 100 or so that the Retro Bits Generations offered, but you won’t need to hack the RetroEngine Sigma to add your own games.

RetroEngine Games

  1. Lock’n Chase
  2. Tumble Pop
  3. Two Crude / Crude Buster
  4. Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
  5. Karate Champ
  6. Magical Drop 3
  7. Fighter’s History
  8. Side Pocket:
  9. Heavy Barrel
  10. Burger Time
  11. Globulus
  12. Custodian
  13. Alien Rampage
  14. Jim Power Mutant Planet
  15. The Humans

This is a pretty interesting mix of titles. The gamut between puzzle and straight action is ran and ran quite well with some iconic titles.

The RetroEngine Sigma has broken the $500,000 mark and still has a couple of days left, as of this writing. This is great news for the team behind this little Sega Genesis looking gaming box.

Have you secured your RetroEngine Sigma yet?

Source: IndieGoGo

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “RetroEngine Sigma Busts Funding Plateau”

  1. Edward The Less says:

    I will just make a better one out a Pi3 for not much more. I know some can not figure out how to put a Pi3 together and add RetroPi to it but most who come to this site can.

    The game selection does not seem that great for those who can not build a Pi3 game machine and need a finished system such as this.

    Too bad this does not have 1GB ram and a mSATA slot for storage for $99 or $109. The SD Card slot sucks and mSATA would help that out greatly tho UFS (Universal Flash Storage) could be a good replacement as well.

    • I am hoping that game list is not final, but it does allow you to add your own games.

      You are right though, it should not be too hard to build a Pi3 system with RetroPi and roll your own selection of games for about the same price. The big thing with the RetroEngine Sigma is that case – it is going off nostalgia, I think. Too bad they didn’t license more Sega games for this thing – it just screams to have Streets of Rage, Sonic, Sonic, etc on there from the get go. Missed opportunity there.

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