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Update – New Xenocider Boss Shown

We are following Xenocider quite closely here at Retro Gaming Magazine. Part of this is because we are huge Sega Dreamcast fans, but it also helps when the developers are so as open as Retro Sumus are. Previously, we have followed various aspects of this new game and now we are looking at one of the more impressive bosses to be displayed: King Hermit–dude is wearing a Galleon of all things.

In our last update, we covered the new level, Atlantean. Surely, King Hermit is going to be the boss of this level, as it was an underwater level. In Atalntean, we saw quite a bit of new level structure. Ruins and giant sea creatures were present throughout the video showing off Atlantean. The end of the video showed the player character reaching a field of emptiness and dying at that point.

The video showing off the King Hermit boss starts from a very similar empty field and the boss enters from the left side of the screen. Okay, let’s discuss this bad boy a bit.

First, King Hermit is wearing the remnants of a Galleon (Pirates of the Caribbean fans will recognize it). What is cool about this guy is the little details. The cannons still fire, the lantern hanging off the back realistically sways in the current as he turns, and we can tell this guy is huge. He definitely earns his title of King Hermit, that is for sure.

When he jumps and lands, several smaller crabs jump out of the ship and come at the player. Quick reflexes will be required to strategically destroy these little monsters and avoid taking damage. From what we can tell in the video, King Hermit is only vulnerable when looking directly at you or on his claws when facing left or right.

What else does Xenocider have in store for us as it nears completion? We will have to wait and find out.

Source: Youtube

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