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Commodore 64 Full Motion Video

Knight Rider FMV Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was quite a workhorse of a little computer. This thing played many of the classics of the 1980s and into the 1990s. Homebrew and independent developers are keeping it alive even today, with new software that pushes the limits. Sometimes, those limits are beyond anything anyone could have previously credited the little computer with. Now please keep in mind, some of these Full Motion Videos (FMV) are making use of additional hardware such as RAM Expansion Units (REU). Still, these feats are quite impressive, considering this is an 8-bit computer with a 1 megahertz CPU and very, very little RAM available. Just look at the Dallas intro for proof.

  • Thundercats Intro

The Thundercats cartoon is an iconic tale of good versus evil coupled with an underlying educational message (much like most 1980s cartoons). The show was unique to the competition in having humanized cat people fighting humanized jackals, frogs, and more. The intro playing on the Commodore 64 doesn’t suffer that badly from the limited color palette. There is no sound in this clip.

  • Bad Tom (Tom and Jerry cartoon segment)

This is a segment from the popular Tom and Jerry cartoon titled “Bad Tom”. This full motion video shows Tom the cat being a jerk. Too bad the full segment is not available as it is quite funny. Definitely one to look up on YouTube for the whole thing.

  • Miami Vice Intro

This is another television show introduction video. This time, it is for the old show Miami Vice. What is cool about this one is that it has the Commodore 64 doing a quite good rendition of the show’s theme song and has a lot of different things going on in each scene. Really shows off the Color palette of the C64 nicely.

  • Dallas Intro

I am including the Dallas introduction because my mom would be rolling over in her grave if she knew I had a chance to include her favorite show and skipped it. What is impressive with the Dallas introduction is that the video quality is on par with the Sega CD quality, if not better. Includes a great rendition of the theme song, too.

  • Knight Rider Remix

This one makes the cut because the Knight Rider theme song works so well on the Commodore 64. Just let this one run and tell me it is not some great quality audio and video going on. Pretty impressive.

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Carl Williams

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One Response to “Commodore 64 Full Motion Video”

  1. Edward The Less says:

    Reminds me of ham radio people who do QRP. QRP is when you try to use very little power output to make long distance contacts.

    Next they will do this with a PDP-8!

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