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Could Nintendo Be Preparing the Super Nintendo Mini?

Earlier this month, Nintendo of Japan renewed their ownership of the Super Famicom controller (the Super Famicom was renamed the Super Nintendo outside of Japan). This is exciting news as the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is a hot ticket item right now. Could Nintendo be attempting to capture lightning in a bottle twice in a row? If anyone could do it, it would be Nintendo, but there is more to this story after the jump.

First, there is the Nintendo Switch coming out. This console will probably accept other controllers from Nintendo, and third parties–that pay the licensing fees. This renewal of their rights for the iconic Super Famicom/Super Nintendo controller could simply be that they are preparing to launch a Nintendo Switch compatible version. This would make sense since Nintendo is already planning to continue the popular Virtual Console option on their new console.

Let’s have fun with this news for just a minute and speculate what games would be included on the phantom Nintendo Super NES Classic Mini console.

  • Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World would be an obvious choice for this console. I figure Nintendo would break the titles out so as to avoid confusion on game count.
  • Super Metroid is another obvious choice for the potential new hardware. This game has been high on many gamers Top 10 Super NES game lists for years.
  • Street Fighter II series obviously would have to be licensed and on this “all-in-one” console. This game helped solidify the Super NES as a contender in the 16-bit days.
  • Super Bases Loaded by Jaleco would be a good choice for a baseball game on the console. Also, the owners of the Jaleco games are apparently open to licensing them out.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Do I have to explain this one?
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time is one that would be a long shot but so obvious if not on the console. If the rights owners could work together to release the 360/PS3 game, then they can work together again for this port. Seriously.
  • Final Fantasy III/VI is a role playing game that would have to be on this console. I am not sure how willing Square Enix is to licensing it, but it would be awesome to see.
  • Super Mario Kart would need to be on here, too, as it literally forced the genre into the mainstream.
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars would be a great run and gun to have on the console. Konami is open to licensing their games out, as long as they don’t have to do any of the work outside cashing a check.
  • Axelay is another Konami title that should be on this imaginary console.
  • Chrono Trigger. Come on, this would probably drive sales alone when looking at eBay prices.
  • Earthworm Jim 1 and/or 2 are great, out of left field, action platformers worthy of being on this console.
  • Rock ‘N Roll Racing had a great soundtrack and it was an early car battling style game that was not Super Mario Kart.
  • Mega Man 7 would be a good action game to show off the power of the Super Nintendo and is generally a great game.
  • Shadowrun is a sci-fi noire adventure game that would fit in well with the current trend in movies–Star Wars and the new Blade Runner, for example.

There you go, what would your top games be for the likely to be announced Nintendo Super NES Classic Mini?

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Carl Williams

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One Response to “Could Nintendo Be Preparing the Super Nintendo Mini?”

  1. Edward The Less says:

    If it comes out it will most likely be November 2017 or 2018. I hope they have a longer cord for the controller as I can imagine if Sega was launching their own classic console they would make a penis joke about how their cord is longer than Nintendo’s.

    Now for games I would like to see. I already have a SNES and just finished fixing and refurbishing another SNES yesterday I got for two dollars at a yard sale so I don’t need another but would buy this as a gift.

    As a gift for non or casual gamers in my family I would have to go with (in no order):


    Almost anyone can play this and my Grandmother really like playing it.


    Seemed like a kid’s game but is much more than that.

    Secret of Mana

    This is a good game to sell Super Multi-taps

    Super Castlevania IV

    Possibly the best music on the SNES.

    Mortal Kombat II

    The best fighting game on the SNES and some say of all time.

    Street Fighter II: Turbo

    If you don’t like Mortal Kombat II then this is for you.

    Chrono Trigger

    It might be the best RPG on the SNES and has great replay value.

    Super Mario Kart

    Fun for the whole family and would sell Super Multi-taps.

    There are more of course but I don’t want this to run on and on.

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